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Summer Miles Program

Unlike last summer where every mile you ran only earned you fitness, strength, joy, sweat, and smiles; this summer your miles can also help you earn stickers and the chance to buy a unique shirt! This summer, we are starting the Summer Miles Program. The idea of the program is to give a little reward to each an everyone of you who sign up for the program. We know that running is rewarding in and of its self, but we want to give you a little something extra for going that extra mile.

Every participant will earn a free sticker for their Summer Miles Program accomplishment. The idea is that we will create fun stickers that have the amount of miles you have run rounded down to the nearest 50. You can earn a sticker From the 100 mile club all the way up to the 1,000 mile club. At the end of the summer, we will also debut a special short sleeve that will have your mile club on the back (available for purchase)

There are two ways to log your runs. The first and easiest if you have a GPS watch is by logging them on Strava and joining our club there ( The second way is to log on this RADIX SUMMER MILES PROGRAM GOOGLE FORM .

Two quick rules: Since we are using the honor system, we ask that you keep your log updated weekly to ensure accuracy over the entire summer and we ask that you only use miles you have run (no biking or swimming)

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