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Radix Newsletter: Day 3

The Run: Intervals

Intervals...INTERVALS...say it louder! Intervals are the workouts we love. They are the instagrammable beauty that everyone shares with a photo of their tired face. When done with a set of intervals, you’ve conquered the world. Unfortunately, we only do these once or twice a week. We do intervals for many reasons and in many different paces. The basic aim of intervals is to improve fitness at higher paces and it’s important to run varying paces. We have critical velocity (CV), VO2, Race Pace, speed endurance, and more. To make this simpler, here are some important thing to think about when doing intervals:

  1. Recovery matters. Each pace requires less or more recovery.

  2. Pace matters. Make sure you are running prescribed paces.

  3. Effort matters. Make sure you are running above about 88 % of heart rate and VO2 max.

Talk: Q +A with

Boulders Best

ZOOM @ 8;00pm

Meeting ID: 763 929 4468 Passcode: 279211

At Radix, we are all about community and that's what TinMan along with Hammer and Axe training are about at their very core. They are building a community of like-minded athletes who are attempting to achieve something amazing by training with; and believing in each other.

We are not a group, social movement, or track club. We are a team that pushes and cares for each other in pursuit of establishing ourselves as one of the most respected and recognized running teams in the world. “

Christine Thorn

“Christine found success early in her running career, qualifying for the Minnesota State Meet at just 12-years-old. However, she lost her love for running shortly thereafter and turned to basketball instead, where she earned a scholarship to play in college. A transfer to Black Hills State University, the end of her basketball eligibility, and an introduction to the cross country coaching staff led Christine to rediscover running. Her coaches at BHSU helped instill a new sense of confidence in her, and Christine found fulfillment in running again.”

Joey Berriatua

After a breakout career at Santa Clara that culminated with a school record in the steeplechase, Joey found a new home and reached new heights in Boulder, CO. Running has given Joey the world, and he wants to help as many aspiring athletes as he can find the joy this sport can bring. Easy-going and a friend to his athletes,

Reed Fischer

“One of the most up-and-coming road runners in the States[...] having tackled the longer distances, he hopes to bring those same traits into his relationships with the road racers he is coaching. After working a full-time job while training at a professional level, Reed understands the need to find a balance between running and life”

Daily Challenge

A classic game at Radix Camp is the egg toss. This year, we are keeping the egg and ditching the toss. The challenge is to balance an egg on a spoon for as long as you can while doing high knees. In order to enter the challenge, you can film yourself and tag us on social media. Whoever can balance an egg for the longest time will win a special Radix Prize! Submit by 8:00pm

Song of the Day

“I wanna run, I want to hide

I wanna tear down the walls

That hold me inside.”

This anthem has never felt more right. We have faced unprecedented isolation over the past couple of months. For many of us, running has been our escape out of the walls that keep us inside.

Quote of the Day

“As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are.” Joan Benoit Samuelson

Mega Motivation

This sport is hard. Sometimes you do everything right and something still goes wrong. Imagine being on the world's biggest stage at the culmination of a life's worth of training only to have an injury happen in the middle of your chance at Gold…. It is in these difficult times that we need others the most. Never be afraid to reach out, your family, friends, and teammates are there to help you!

Cross Training:

Core work

3 sets of the following

  • 1 min plank

  • 20 push-ups

  • 20 V-ups

  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers

  • 20 supermans

  • 1 min leg raise

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