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Radix Newsletter: Day 2

The Recovery Run

A majority of what we do as runners is recovery running. We work out two times a week, run a long run, and recover three to four times. Recovery runs are crucial to our development as a runner. The more difficult runs break our bodies down. Hard workouts leave our bodies tired, fatigued, and generally broken down. It is during the recovery run that our bodies begin to heal and improve. The slower, easier running promotes blood flow and growth of our bodies’ systems.

The pace should be as slow as we need to recover. At times, these runs could be very slow and at others simply easier. The runs should be conversational but not so slow that we affect our running form. Once done with the run, we should do some strides to help promote faster running form. We cannot ignore the importance of these runs. They are upwards of 90 percent of the running we do and thus a powerful way to improve our racing!

Beating Race Day Nerves

By Counselor Camille

I have been racing for a long time and I still feel like every race day is my first day on the starting line. However, over the years I’ve been able to piece together a few things that have helped me become more successful before and during my races.

TRUSTING THE PROCESS: A lot of times I find myself in fear that I am not going to be able to achieve my goal. So if this ever starts to happen to you, know you're not alone. Take time to remind yourself of all the hard work that you’ve put in that got you this far. Think back to those fast workouts and long tempos that you put so much heart and effort into. All that hard work and mileage is what is going to help you cross that finish line.

THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL: “The weather is so bad today. I’m definitely not going to race well.” I have heard this statement at almost every race I’ve run, and I’m not going to lie, I have said that a couple of times as well. However, when you really think about it, you’re not the only one running in that crappy whether are you now? No excuses and no limitations. No matter what the weather maybe you must go out there and perform to the best of your ability.

MEDITATION: Now "the line" is usually where your heart rate starts speeding up and your nerves get out of control. One thing I like to do right on the line is do a 60-sec meditation. Take about 5-10 deep breaths right before the gun goes off. It’ll help lower your heart rate and calm your nerves. This will also help you clear your mind so it is easier for you to focus on your race and how you want to get out in a good spot. Usually, I'll get a feeling of complete control and focus. Even if you’re a little skeptical of this, be open-minded, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Daily Challenge

Last night, we talked about creating and maintaining goals. Part of that is committing to them privately and publicly. The challenge today is to share one of your process goals with your broader community. That could be a coach, teammate, family member, or the whole world. Don’t be afraid, go for it! If you want, tag us on social media so we can follow along and watch as you complete your goals and achieve your dreams

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Song of the Day

After a big weekend long run, sometimes we feel like “we’re running on empty” take some time today to refill the tank. Training hard requires training smart. Make sure you eat healthily, drink lots of fluids, and get sleep any time you are in a hard training block.

Quote of the Day

“To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month, or even one year — but for a lifetime.” Bill Rodgers

Mega Motivation

Sometimes, when we get to the starting line, we feel like history is against us. Maybe your team has never won states, maybe you have never won your section, maybe no one you know has never made nationals….well, that's not an excuse! Break Barriers and Dream Big!

Cross Training:

Workout of the Day

Bike Workout

  • 20 min warm-up and cool-down

  • pyramid workout

  • 2 x1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1, 1 min rest throughout

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