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Radix Newsletter: Day 4

Run: Doubles

The double is runner talk for hard work! Elite runners practice doubles almost every day, but high school athletes only need to do a double 2-3 times per week. Most, if not all, elite high school teams and runners do some type of double run. Doubles are slow 20-30 minute runs that help add extra miles to a busy week. They can be a great time to run with teammates we often don’t run within normal practice or a family member or friend we don’t share runs with.

We don’t want to get too sciencey, but we can control two major things in our running: intensity and volume. Doubles are a great way to control volume in an easy, relaxing way. Added volume in a safe, smart way will make you a better runner. Don’t be afraid to add these to your daily routine!

Power of Routine

Routines have the ability to put our mind at ease and allow us to focus on what is important. They provide a sense of clarity and allow us to focus on our priorities. If you know you go to bed at 10:00 every night and wake up to run at 7:00 am, there is no question about hitting an alarm. It is not what you do your routine helps prevent you from hitting snooze and enables you to achieve your daily process goals.

Stephen King said of his daily routine, “There are certain things I do if I sit down to write,” he said, “I have my vitamin pill and my music, sit in the same seat, and the papers are all arranged in the same places. The cumulative purpose of doing these things the same way every day seems to be a way of saying to the mind, you’re going to be dreaming soon."

King's routine is as mundane as it gets but it worked for him. Think about an area of your life where a routine could help. Maybe it is getting in your daily core workout or maybe it is your pre-race nerves. Routines can help a wide range of problems. But, no matter what, your routine should leave you with a feeling of confidence and sense of purpose.

As a young runner, my races frequently went south due to an upset stomach. My saving grace turned out to be an odd routine.

No matter where I was, when the race was, who I was racing, how long the race was, there was one thing I knew, I would be eating 2 plain bagels 4 hours and 10 minutes before my race. Pawlowski relays 4x1600 went off at 8am which means two, day-old, bagels at 3:30 am. Holmdel Twilight meet at 8 pm, looks like bagels for dinner.

I do not recommend this pre-race diet! But, I do recommend finding something that puts your mind at ease and sets you up to conquer your task!

My race day meal took away the question if I would cramp or if I would get sick.I embraced my routine because it gave me comfort in the hours before the race rather than anxiety. Give yourself the confidence you need to succeed!

Radix Relays

A big part of Radix camp over the years has been our amazing relay events. In the past, the highlight of these relays was the 4x4 denim relay. This year, we are going virtual and introducing the 2x4 Denim Relay. Two athletes will team up to each run a 400 in jeans. Fastest combine time wins!


  • You pick your own twosome

  • Need to run the 400 on a track

  • Must be videotaped with a watch in the frame.

  • Must wear jeans that go to your ankles

  • Must be DM’d to Radix by 8:00 pm Friday!

The Winning Team will receive the inaugural Radix Relays 2x4 baton

Song of the Day

There is not a better way to get psyched up for a morning double than the Rocky Training montage to Eye of the Tiger. Without fail, it makes you want to do work harder, do more, and out train your opponents!

Quote of the Day

"Stepping outside the comfort zone is the price I pay to find out how good I can be. If I planned on backing off every time running got difficult I would hang up my shoes and take up knitting." ~ Desiree Linden

Mega Motivation

Never ever...ever.. ever...give up on yourself! Robby Andrews has been at camp for the last three years to share his story. He never shies away from discussing the highs and lows of his career. After listening to his story, one thing is clear: he has never given up on himself. Robby's will and determination are something we can all learn from. Even when you are an olympian, it is important to dig deep and believe in yourself until the very end because otherwise, you are just selling yourself short!


In keeping with our theme of the double day, cross-training by either swimming or biking for 20-30 minutes in the morning is a great way for younger or injury-prone runners to get in extra work without adding as much extra physical stress.

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