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Summer 2020 Update

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Radix Community,

Thank you for being the best group of athletes, students, and people we could ask to know!

As we move deeper into summer, it has become apparent that, in the short term, life is not going to return to normal. What is clear is that each of us plays an important part in our local and broader communities. Together we can do our part to help our fellow citizens and hopefully save our XC season!

With that being said, we have made the decision that there will be no sleep away Radix Running Camp this summer. This is an extremely difficult decision for us as it is our favorite week of the summer and we cherish the opportunity to be with you all each year. Reflecting on the rising infection rates throughout the country, we believe that to help our community best, we should not hold camp. Our goal at Radix has always been to prepare you to be the best athlete and person you can be and in this case, we believe that is served by asking you to keep doing your best to train hard and listen to local and federal guidelines.

Looking forward there is no need to ruminate on the fact that life has changed for many of us. We all witnessed that while seasons have been scrapped, favorite runs closed, and team life moved from in-person to on-line, you have all risen to the occasion and excelled. We saw that many of you improved your best in time trials and are already crushing runs this summer. I have no doubt that when XC 2020 is said and done you will all have accomplished amazing things.

We will still host a virtual week of camp from August 16-21st. Our goal is to offer daily challenges, social media shout outs, elite athlete Q+A’s, plus possible social distanced in-person activities. While federal and local guidelines will dictate exactly what this week will be, we promise you that we will still offer the chance for our community to come together and make each other better.

Please sign up on our website if you would like to participate in the virtual week of camp.

Thank you again for all of the amazing memories both past and future!

Coach Mazz and the Radix Staff

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