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Radix Wrap-Up Vol. 5

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Mullet Madness

Who do you have winning your bracket? We know Luke Reid has the Blue Devils going all the way!

While we don't know much about basketball, we decided to pick our final four based on indoor track rankings!

Final Four: Texas Tech, LSU, Houston, Oregon

Champion: Texas Tech!

Also, in honor of Luke's epic hair cut, we looked up the best hair styles for running. Shockingly we didn't find the mullet

Counselor News

In other news, our newest coach Erika Fluehr was the 10th best American Woman at the New York United Half! While she was in the elite field, there was some controversy when the men's winner wasn't.

What we're listening to

As we go from the roads to the track, here is a great song we have been listening to, reminding ourselves who we really are...middle distance runners.

Quote of the week... build those roots deep

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