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Radix Wrap-Up. Vol.1

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We are starting something new here at Radix with our Weekly Wrap up! We aim to bring you a small selection of articles we have read, videos we thought were dope, products we like, and other things we think you might enjoy. We will also highlight our great campers along the way!

RADIX goes 3-4-5 at MOC in the Mile!!!

Francis Martingale, Edwin Klanke and Tim McInerney all scored in the mile with Klanke and Francis having an epic battle in the unseeded section!

photo credit: tspimages on

Looking for motivation to bridge the gap between Indoor and Outdoor? Look no further than Scott and Jenny Jurek's book North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail.

Scott is trying to set the Fastest Known Time on the Appalachian Trail. As Runnersworld reports, " He headed north on foot for 2,189 miles, across 14 states, and 515,000 feet of elevation change. He averaged nearly 50 miles a day. " This book redefined limits for me. It let me know that people can do way more than we think we are capable of!

The power of the book is not only in the insane feat but the message is sends, nothing worth doing can be accomplished alone. Scott's journey would have been impossible without his wife, friends, and hundreds of random supporters. In this sense, we are all like Scott, anything great we accomplish is because of those around US!

Performance of the Week: Athing Mu 1:23.57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the high school level, it is easy to think that freshman and sophomore are destined to play second fiddle to their junior and senior classmates. Often it is hard to imagine being a 16 year old sophomore and beating the senior on your team let alone a college or professional athlete. Well if this is how you used to think let Athing Mu change your mind! You are never too young to be great!

Quote of the Week:

As indoor comes to an end, think this Churchill quote is worth thinking over.

Video of the Week :

The video speaks for itself!

Hope you enjoyed!


Team Radix

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