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Radix Wrap UP # 2

Indoor Awards

Outdoor track has begun but yet, Indoor Nationals are this weekend are you confused because I'm confused. But who cares all that matter is track is here and spring is coming! In true wrap up fashion, we want to give out some prizes for the amazing indoor seasons you all ran . But, we need your help! DM or @ us your nominations for the following awards. Please include why you think each person or team should be nominated. We will announce the winners in next week's wrap up!

We will be giving out three awards

1. Individual Performance of the Indoor Season

2. Relay Performance of the Indoor Season

3. Most improved

Inspiration of the Week!

The greatest indoor conference meet was this past weekend, The Heps! (Ivy League conference meet).

Each year, several distance runners do the 3k, 5k, double which amounts to over 30 laps on an indoor track. This year, Harvard Junior, Kieran Tuntivate toed the line on day one with the goal of scoring 10 points for his team in the 3k. Within in 400m of the race, Kieran's shoe was off and he had a decision to make, step of the track or keep pushing for those points! Kieran chose his team over himself and pushed on for the W. After the race, Kieran's foot was shredded as he lost several layers of skin. But, the 5k was the next day and he knew his team needed him! Kieran, who had been walking on crutches, put his trainers on and got to work. He won the race in 14:25 completing an epic double. In truly humble fashion, Kieran commented, " “I couldn’t have done it without my teammates."

Quote of the Week

Video of the Week

This week saw the start of "Spring Track" here in NJ herald in by two inches of snow. As my run along the Jersey Coast line progressed early Saturday morning, the waves looked perfect but, I couldn't help to imagine warmer days at the beach as flurries hit my eyes. This fun video of famed Portuguese surf spot, Nazare , seems to sum up what I was looking for...wipe outs and all.


Team Radix

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