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Radix Weekly Wrap-up Vol.10

What we're reading

If you have ever gone for a distance run at altitude one thing will be quite obvious, it gets really hard a lot quicker than normal. This is because of the lower pressure at high elevations and its effect on oxygen entering our bodies.

Our understand of altitude and most of the science and fascination with alttiude training came from the 1968 olympics where were held in Mexico city at 7,440 ft. Thats HIGH! Check out this article discussing the games and the change in perception of altitude training

What we are watching

The Penn Relays were this past weekend so we are throwing it back to the only time we have heard people "boo" at a track meet. Skip to 12:00 if you'd like to watch some extreme tactical racing

What we are listening to

Its no secret that NAU is the place to go if you're a distance runner and want to win a NCAA XC title. Much of that has to do with Coach Mike Smith. Once you listen to this podcast interview between Smith and Magness, we doubt you'll be surprise by the success NAU has achieved.


Coach Mazz

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