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A day in the life of a Radix Camper

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

6:45 AM: Wake Up!

7:00 AM: Meet for Morning Run!

All of the campers gather together for a light warm-up, drills, and stretching. Athletes then form into running groups based on fitness and weekly mileage. We never pressure anyone to join a specific group, at Radix we want to help each athlete individually as best as we can! Anyone feeling a little tired or sore can always elect to do a pool workout or yoga instead of the morning run

9:00 AM: All you can eat Breakfast!

10:00 AM: Free Time.

Good time to wash off the morning run and relax with your teammates.

11:30 AM: Meet for Instruction

Instruction will vary from day-to-day but includes talks on, stretching, drills, strength training, nutrition, team building, goal setting, and race day practices.

1:00 PM: All you can eat Lunch!

2:00 PM: Free Time

Great time to take an afternoon nap or hang out with your teammates on the main quad. There are also daily mini tournaments and games offered at this time such as knockout, potato sack races, eggs tosses, and more!

4:00 PM : Meet for Double.

Running is optional in the P.M. Campers that choose to put in some extra miles can go for a light run on the miles of dirt trails or the endless green fields that surround the camp. Anyone that wants to take the afternoon off can choose to do a pool workout or work on stretching and strength.

5:00 PM : Free time

Before dinner to clean up and get ready for the great night ahead of us!

6:00 PM : All you can eat Dinner

Hopefully its Meatball and pasta night!

7:00 PM : Camp Games!

After dinner each night we like to hold camp-wide games and competitions. Last years camp-wide dodge ball game was one of the highlights of the week

8:30 PM : Nightly Talks.

yes, those spikes were worn in the Olympics!

Last year included talks on Goal Setting by Coach McCafferty, a Life in College panel by our junior counselors, Talks by professional runners, Robby Andrews (Olympian) Dani Aragon, and Travis Mahoney Building a Team Tradition by legendary Coach Tom Heath, and Mental Preparedness by Coach Carroll and Nagel.

9:30 PM Free time

10:15 PM Campers in Cabins

10:30 PM Lights out

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