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Things to Bring to Camp

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Top 5 things to bring to camp ( along with a slightly more encompassing list below)

Hopefully you don't need 4 teammates to help you bring your stuff to camp

1. A fun attitude.

Here at Radix Running, we are all about two things. First, making you the best athlete and person you can be and secondly about having FUN. We plan on trying to make this week the most awesome jam-packed week of fun and running possible. All we ask is that you come join along in the process.


Running is always more fun when it is with someone else. Whether it's your brother, mother, sister, father, dog, or high school teammate running is something worth sharing. Pass the word about the camp on to your teammates. It will be a great week to bond and learn from one another in order to be the best team you can be in November. BUT, don't worry if you're coming alone because camp is going to be full of some of the most awesome friendliest runners NJ has to offer.

3. Running shoes/socks/shorts/shirts/ etc.

This is a running camp after all and you need to make sure you come ready to run. This means bringing 1-2 pairs of running shoes and enough socks, shorts, and shirts for 11 runs.

4. A water bottle

Here at Radix Running, we love the environment. One of the best parts about running is going out and experiencing nature. As a result, we are big believers in trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. One great way you can help us with this is by bringing a water bottle. Not only will this help ensure that you are able to stay sufficiently hydrated but, it will also make sure we don't create unnecessary waste by using hundreds of disposable cups. We offer refiling areas throughout the day for the campers where they will be able to fill their bottles.

5. Snacks

While there will be three meals a day provided at camp we encourage the campers to bring some snacks of their own. Everyone is different in what they like to eat and drink before and after runs. I for one, enjoy eating a cool mint cliff bar before runs so I'll make sure to have plenty packed for the week!

General List

running shoes/clothes

bedding/ sleeping bag

towels for bathing and showering

flip-flops for showers

casual clothes, a bathing suit, sweatshirt and sweatpants


allergy medicine or epi-pen if needed

sunscreen and bug spray

sunglasses and hat


water and sports drinks

running log

Insurance Card

small amount of $ for t-shirt and snack stand

Please leave valuables at home

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