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August 18th-22nd
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              1. a source or origin of something.


Radix is a Summer Running Experience for High School Athletes. Rooted in developing functional movement, fundamentals of running & fun.


Running has been the source of so many positive things in so many of our lives. We have found our best friends, amazing mentors, daily anchor and so much more from this great sport! 


Looking back, much of this starts at the High School level with some of the most awesome athletes there are, High School XC runners!!!!

You girls and guys have an energy and passion for the running that we envy. You are some of the hardest working, nicest, most determined athletes on the planet. We realized that summer XC camps are a storehouse of enormous opportunity!


They are a time for teams across the state to come together and put the finishing touches on their summer training. Teams come together to get closer, rivals come to learn from one another, and everyone comes to have fun and become a better runner.


At Radix Running Camp, we aim to offer high school harriers the greatest XC camp in the country. We want to create an experience that helps them become the best they can be! Over the five days, we hope to make them better runners, athletes, and humans.

That is our goal and we hope you will join us in making it happen!

Camp Photos 

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